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Skin Treatment in Vadodara

Skin Treatment in Vadodara

Today’s world is world of confidence and what more You would require than your super glowing,spotless,non tanned and non pigmented skin. Combined usage of science and art – Krisha Hospital in Vadodara provides an edge in its skin care regimes..

Krisha Hospital in Vadodara is a well-known clinic for nourishment of your skin. We also provide other treatments like improving scars, laser tattoo removal,laser hair removal etc.

Small procedures like removal of moles , lentiges, frekles are adding edge to completion of the skin care. Krisha hospital In Vadodara believes in using the most reputed brands of laser like Diode laser for hair removal, ndyag long pulsed for tattoo removal, Co2 fractional lasers for acne scars- injury scars , resurfacing of skin. Skin peelings for glowing of skin.

At krisha Hospital Vadodara we have highly trained professionals to deliver treatment and which are totally safe. In addition other advanced skin care modalities are also been available at krisha hospital in Vadodara, like

  1. Botox to have wrinkle free skin, brow lift and getting a better jaw lines
  2. Fillers to help to take care of your under eyes and nasolabial folds..,also it can help in midface maxilla augmentation as well as chin augmentation..

At Krisha Hospital, Vadodara we believe in providing safe, painless,no downtime and moreover a permanent solution to your skin problems..


Skin Treatments can be done by the following techniques

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