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Stretch Mark Reduction Treatment in Vadodara


When you find out that you have stretch marks on your body either after hitting the gym regularly or after the pregnancy period, it might come across as a need to get these treated. Although there is no pure evidence to suggest that these treatments work but basically there exits 3 ways namely: natural stretch mark removal, laser stretch mark removal and surgical stretch mark removal.


While it can happen to anyone who is undergoing major body changes like bodybuilders or those entering puberty, but the most common and widespread case of stretch mark happens to women undergoing pregnancy. They have stretch marks that appear on their thighs, breasts, abdomen and the stomach region.


While both men and women are equally prone to stretch marks some major causes of stretch marks are as given below:


Genetics is one factor that causes stretch marks in both women and men. If a close relative has had these stretch marks it is likely that you might see them on your body too. Women suffer more for genetic bases marks compared to men.


Sometimes bodybuilding or working out regularly in the gym by unfit people trying to reduce weight and burning fat leads to these off-white stretch marks on their body. Basically, large changes in weight are accompanied by marks on the body.


It is evident that our body undergoes rapid changes during the puberty period, this causes stretch marks on the body as the skin being not so elastic is unable to keep pace with these rapid body transformations and in turn, leaves these marks behind. Use of moisturizer is advised during these days.


Skin conditions are also a major factor in deciding occurrence of stretch marks. It is observed that people who frequently moisturize their skin are less likely to be affected by these marks. Doctors advise keeping your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water and by using natural moisturizers as it helps to fight stretch marks not only during pregnancy period but otherwise also.


Pregnancy stretch marks are typically reddish or bluish streaks that appear on the lower abdomen, breasts, and thigh due to their weight gain which causes them to enlarge with the skin still not ready for it. This causes the fibers under the skin to break which appears as a glossy mark on the skin. One thing that should relieve all the mothers reading this is that about 90% of women in their sixth or seventh month of pregnancy are expected to have stretch marks.


Natural methods employ moisturizing the skin so as to prevent it from stretching and thereby preventing the marks. However, the natural method of stretch mark treatment might not work for people with developed scars and aged ones. All the individuals who fall under this category need to get a more specific medical treatment like the surgery or laser treatment to get rid of their scars.


Treatment works best when applied to the freshly scarred skin as they are comparatively easy to be treated. Still, even after the presence of various types of products, it is difficult to accurately determine the results of natural methods of skin treatment for stretch marks.


Undoubtedly one of the embarrassing moments in a person’s life is displaying scarred skin due to various reasons ranging from puberty to pregnancy and hence it becomes a necessity to get them removed. Everyone desires a perfectly toned skin and treatment such using natural method is an effective way to get the scar removed. Another benefit is that you are not introducing your skin to any kind of danger or chemicals which might lead to allergy or other problems. Moreover, these items are readily available for purchase in the market.


One of the advantages that might turn into a risk is the easy availability of natural treatment products like lotions, creams and body spray in the market which could confuse the buyer regarding its authenticity. Also, some bad elements just to increase their profit margin might make use of adulteration in these items which could lead to decrease in their quality. The presence of harmful substances could lead to further complicated skin and tissue diseases.


Laser treatment to repair damaged skin and remove stretch mark is one of the highly successful and non-invasive methods with no downtime involved. There are visible results, starting from the very first treatment and the patient can return to his/her daily activities directly after treatment. The stretch marks can be made 40-70% less visible with laser stretch mark removal treatment. Initially, a patch test is done to understand the reaction of patient’s body and skin towards the laser. This patch test is done at different angles to try and target the collagen level to stimulate re-growth and repair the damaged skin. This treatment is done in about four to five sessions and in some extreme cases, sessions can be increased.


After the treatment, the treated skin turns red and swells up a bit. But, it’s normal to have these symptoms after the treatment, since a laser has just penetrated into body’s collagen level. It will get better within next 48 hours. Infact, according to the patients, the redness fades away in 24 hours following the first treatment and they notice the difference in next few days.


There is no doubt that this treatment of laser stretch mark removal is highly effective. Though each case of stretch removal is unique in its own way, there are certain common results seen in every case.

Obtaining a smoother skin.

Reduces redness.

Improves discoloration of the skin.

Smoothes out dented skin and gives a natural appearance.


Like every medical treatment, laser stretch removal treatment also comes with its benefits and risks. With fewer risks in its bag, it is highly effective and has a high patient satisfaction rate. Following are some of its benefits and risks,

Very quick, it takes around 20-30 minutes for this treatment’s one session.

Easy to receive, the patient has to just lay down and relax on the bed while the treatment is done. Discomfort is tolerable and short-lived.

Incredibly fast and non-invasive, a negligible amount of pain received by the patient. Slight hotness is felt around the treated skin, though it can be overcome by keeping ice bags over it.

Lower cost, the treatment is a feasible one for a person having an average income.

Select the right doctor for the right procedure. Investigate doctor’s experience. Never select a doctor based solely on board certification or his/her degree.


If a person wants to permanently and completely remove his/her stretch marks and is up for a minute amount of pain. Then he/she should go for surgical stretch mark removal method. Unlike the natural and laser stretch removal treatments this treatment of stretch mark removal, permanently removes the stretch marks instead of disguising/hiding them. In this treatment, the skin with stretch marks is stretched and the excess and dead skin are removed through surgery. The only effective surgical treatment effective for stretch mark removal currently is a tummy tuck.


It a type of cosmetic method to eliminate the wrinkles and age spots from human face. In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied on face skin using cotton, brush or sponge. The burning and itching sensation while the chemical is applied on the face is common. After some time, the layer of this chemical is peeled off. This chemical layer peels off the dead and damaged skin with it and also initiates new skin cell production at those sites.


Blue light therapy is mostly used for treating acne. But it can be used for some cases of newer and less matured stretch marks too. It works on an application of photosensitivity. In this therapy, a photosensitive gel is applied on the marks and then those marks are exposed to high intensity light energy (most of the time blue light).

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