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Non Surgical Face Lift Treatment in Vadodara


Non-surgical procedures are becoming a sensation in the current world as quickly seeing an improvement on the face without a treatment is all we need. It has arrived as a solution to the tough surgical procedure. This non-surgical facelift appears as the means of improvising the structure by restoring the three-dimensional contour of the candidate’s face.

Non surgical Facelift is a long process which involves a lot of work while the non-surgical ones are pretty much effortless. From removing of excess facial hair and removing wrinkles it requires tightening of underlying facial muscles. It takes an experienced and skilled surgeon to perform a non-surgical facelift.


Everyone finds something or the other to change in themselves but Non surgical Facelift is not everyone’s cup of tea. The question one should be asking before doing this treatment is are they willing to go through this process with its pros, cons and if they truly require it.

Ideal candidates for this treatment are people who have skin elasticity, sagging skin in the mid face region and jawline, creases or folds from nose to corners of the mouth, fallen fat, double chin due to loose skin and lots of fat under the neck.

Most importantly it requires the candidate to be in good health and who has faith and positivity that the procedure will work.


Before you jump right in to get a new look it takes careful planning on the procedure with the help of your doctor and comes up with personalized treatment plan on how to go over this daunting process.

Next step is to select what type of facelift you want, which is the most suitable and will give you the best result. After going through health records and various factors the doctor will select a type of anesthesia that you have to be put under during the treatment. If necessary the doctor will give advice about changing your lifestyle to be fit for treatment. Now comes the working part where the doctor will chart out how the operation will go about.


Different people will require different techniques as the treatment varies among patients. Few techniques are the following.

Threadlift is the brand new non-surgical alternative of the facelift surgery. The procedure can take around 2 hours and this involves the surgeon inserting thin threads into the patient’s face. The incisions made are tiny and the areas are target. The threads get attached to the skin tissues. They are pulled back to lift the face. The ends of the threads are hidden and the results are seen pretty quick.
Laser Skin Resurfacing is proof how powerful lasers can be. This works to give you a younger finish on your facial skin. You can get rid of scars, wrinkles and in fact, acne scars with this. A complete face treatment in the method can take up to 2 hours in total. You will find your skin getting dry and post peeling stage, the skin heals. This peeling can take up to 5-10 days and all you will see further is your brand new look.
Filler treatment, just as the name says is used to plump and lift the cheeks. The same is performed sometimes on the jawlines and temples. This method is generally used as volumizers to bump the skin.
Ultratherapy is a non-surgical alternative that uses ultrasound to get the targeted issue heated. The targeted tissue is usually under the surface of the skin and this triggers the natural production of collagen. If you wish to repeat this, after all, it can be done every 6 to 12 months. This therapy counteracts the time and gravity effects on the skin surface.
Thermage is a procedure that is performed on a radiofrequency. This is a typical one done to smoothen the skin by collagen tightening. In fact, the procedure stimulates the production of new collagen too. It is used to treat wrinkles and other fine lines. Moreover, this technique is used to lift brows, cheeks and jawline too.


The patient must be in the right mindset and right health before the procedure. Pre-treatment instructions must be followed and the patient is required to stop smoking two weeks before the treatment, which improves the oxygen level during the treatment. The patient also needs to stop taking certain medicines like aspirin as it might cause problems after treatment. Lastly also to have a first aid kit ready at home after treatment to you help out.


When it comes to non-surgical techniques, benefits are much more than the surgery options. The matter of time is specific and quick. You don’t have to be afraid about the incisions anywhere as the non-surgical facelifts include less to no knife job. Also, within a few sessions, significant results can be seen. Also, the disappearance of wrinkles takes immediate effect and lasts longer since a lot of laser and LED stuff is involved instead of knives.


After every treatment, there are temporary side effects most commonly to the anesthesia which has side effects of nausea dizziness etc.

Bruising is another temporary side effect particularly around the eyes, discomfort, swelling, scarring and temporary numbness are also some of the effects that can be seen.


Not everyone would like to go under the knife for them there are non-surgical alternatives that can be done. Most common is Wrinkle Removal, is the use of injection which has various forms of botulinum toxin which temporarily paralyzes muscles and reduces wrinkles within 24- 27 hours.

LED, Light Emitting Diode therapy is a pain-free process which uses different lights to treat various parts of the face which remove fine lines, acne, wrinkles and pigmentation. Intense Pulsed Light is yet another therapy which is similar to that of LED. This works better with brown pigmentation causes, red vessels or other damages caused by sun rays. The treatment involves the light device of a broadband, which helps in delivering a spectrum of wavelengths. The effects are much faster than that of the LED.

With the above alternative non-surgical treatment one can achieve younger looking skin without going under treatment.

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