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A breast lift is usually done to restore the perkier, firmer, and more aesthetically appealing shape of breasts compared to sagging breasts. Apart from improving the patient’s appearance by reinstating her young-looking, feminine proportions, it also helps swimsuits and bras to fit more cozily and attractively.

A breast lift surgery is also known as mastopexy. It is the most common surgical process employed to change the contour of breasts and to give it a younger look. It removes extra pleats of skin from under the breast and tightens the tissue around the area to support and reshape the new breast form.

The breasts change their shape over time, owing to different factors. They lose their firmness and youthful shape. A sagging breast is a result of skin losing its elasticity. This may occur due to

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight
  • Breastfeeding
  • Gravity
  • Age
  • Heredity

Breast surgery removes extra skin from the breast and remodels it into a firmer cone. The nipple and areola are repositioned to a raised and more forward location. This gives a younger profile to the breast contour. In some women, the areolae stretch and become large over time. Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, can also be done to reduce its size. Small and droopy breasts can be enlarged during the operation by using silicone breast plates under the breasts.

Breast lift surgery is usually done for women with sagging breasts to regain their younger, firmer and perkier breasts. But this method can be applied to all breasts, irrespective of their size and shape. Breast surgery creates better proportioned, youthful and uplifted natural looking breasts.


Do not confuse breast lift with breast reduction. It does not reduce the size of your breasts. Breast reduction transforms disproportionately big and heavy breasts into smaller and lighter breasts, breast lift surgery simply reshapes your breasts to a more youthful appearance and repositions it to a more enhancing position on your chest.

Breast lift will neither increase your breast size nor create a fuller look. If you want this, you should go for breast augmentation surgery along with breast lift.


Breast lift surgery should be an individualized procedure. It should not be done to please others or due to body image issues. If you fulfill any of the below characteristics, you will probably bee a good candidate for the surgery:

  • You should be a non-smoker.
  • You must be physically healthy and fit.
  • You must have a stable weight.
  • Your breasts have become droopy or saggy or have lost volume and shape.
  • Your areolas and nipples point downward.
  • Your areolas are stretched and you have pleats of stretched skin.
  • The breasts are not symmetric, that is, one is higher than the other.
  • Your breasts look elongated, flatter or pendulous.
  • If your nipples have fallen below the breast crease, go for breast lift surgery.

Remember that breast lift surgery does not restore the shape permanently. Your breasts may sag again over time.


The breast lift recovery period is generally short because the soft tissue and skin are reshaped without the involvement of muscles. If you had breast implants along with breast lift surgery, it might take a little longer for the recovery process.

Post-surgery, your breasts would be bandaged to cover up the incisions. You will need to wear a supportive compression bra or elastic bandage to reduce swelling. It will also support your breasts while they are healing.

Occasionally, small tubes (surgical drains) are applied in the place to remove any extra fluid or blood that might collect. Your doctor might prescribe pain medicine after surgery. You might also need an antibiotic and nausea medication depending on your condition.

Apart from the general procedure, you will also receive specific instructions on how to take proper care post-surgery, medications to reduce potential infection, next appointment, and other concerns depending on your situation. Feel free to ask questions to the surgeon related to your surgery.


After your breast lift surgery, the swelling will iron out and the incision lines will dissolve. You will feel satisfied with the process and feel a boost of confidence in your appearance. Finally, your breasts will recover completely in a few months. Your breast position and shape settles over this period. Though the incision lines are permanent, they will dissolve over time. The final result would not be permanent but long-lasting. Your breast shape may change again due to gravity and aging but you can sustain this new younger look longer if you follow the below suggestions:

  • Follow a healthy and fit lifestyle.
  • Try not to gain extra weight or become obese. Try to maintain your ideal weight.
  • Strictly adhere to the instructions of your physician post-surgery.

Your surgical incisions should not be exposed to excessive force, abrasion, motion or swelling while they are healing. You must take proper care and follow the instructions given by your doctor.


The breast lift surgery which is also popularly known as Mastopexy is a cosmetic surgery performed to shape the breasts by tightening the tissues surrounding with the help pf removal of excessive skin. The reasons for this surgery are the significant weight loss decreasing the volume of breasts, pregnancy and the problem of not having good breast profile since the teen ages. The most common reason for this surgery is the changes that occur during the pregnancy like sagging and stretching of breasts. This surgery is performed with or without the help of implants and it restores the appearance of the breasts to a perfect shape as before.


The breast lift procedure is performed with the help of a wide variety of patterns and techniques related to the incision. The technique that suits a patient is determined by various factors like the size and shape of breasts, degree of sagging, amount of skin and its quality, etc. The sequence of the steps followed in the surgery are mentioned below.

Step 1: The first step for the patients undergoing this breast lift surgery is the administration of anesthesia which will be of two types Intravenous and Inhalational anesthesia. The cosmetic surgeries mostly are performed using the anesthesia named Sevoflurane or Desflurane due to its high wash-in and wash-out periods.

Step 2: After the patient rests down, the incisions are made and it is a combination of the three stages named around the areola, along with the vertical direction of the areola and later along with the horizontal side of breast crease.

Step 3: Immediately after the incisions are made, the tissue of breast is lifted and it is reshaped to improve the shape and firmness. The sensitive part nipple is positioned to the proper height and excessive skin is removed in all the parts and the elasticity is restored by doing these procedures.

Step 4: The incisions are closed after these procedures where the incision cuts are visible for certain duration and they will fade away with the time. The patients should follow the advice of the doctors in the selection of the incisions. The results are visible immediately after the surgery is performed.


There are many risks associated with breast lift surgery and these risks can bring the undesirable results to the people undergoing this surgery. Infection is the most common risk which appears within one to six weeks of surgery and the symptoms of this infection are swelling, pain, a foul smell, and patients will be experiencing fever often. Another risk is with the Hematoma, which is the blood accumulation that is trapped near the incisions made during the surgery. These hematomas might be small or big depending on the patient and they cause the pain and infection to the body.

The people allergic to the inhalational anesthesia used during the surgery can suffer from nausea, vomiting, headache, etc. Other types of risks are the breasts asymmetry after a certain duration, Loss of sensitivity in the breast area, change in nipple sensation, affecting of milk ducts in the breasts, poor healing of incisions, irregularities in the shape of breast contours, etc. The people undergoing this surgery should be aware of these potential risks and they need to be ready to take the utmost care to prevent these risks with the help of the proper medications and procedures suggested by surgeons. The type of surgery and the procedure followed should be selected by the doctor for avoiding the risks.


The patient needs to be well prepared for breast lift surgery to avoid the complications that occur with the surgery. The pre-medical examination needs to be performed for evaluation and later the prescribed medications need to be regularly taken before the surgery. The habits like smoking, taking tablets like aspirin, herbal supplements, and other drugs need to be immediately stopped as they affect the surgery in a various number of ways like increased bleeding, etc. The baseline mammogram needs to be performed before and after the surgery to get a clear picture of the condition of breasts. These pre-surgical procedures need to be carefully performed as suggested by the doctors to avoid any complications or risks associated with the surgery.

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