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Dark Circle Removal Treatment in Vadodara

What are Dark Circles?

Everyone need perfect eyes to say things out loud. Unsightly shadows that appear under eyes can make you look exhausted and tired all the time. Sometimes, just a full night of shut-eyes may not be enough to get rid of those circles. However, the skin beneath losing elasticity might be a cause for this easily recognizable condition.

The vitality of eyes and the role that it plays in our day to day living cannot be avoided. Due to many roles that our eyes play, the skin around it gets more exposed to stress than other parts. Dark circles are much more common in older people since their under-eye skin loses elasticity and gets attacked by these eye blemishes.

Over the time, a lot of treatments have come forth that helps an individual in fighting with this unpleasant eye condition.

Causes of Dark Circles

There indeed are many causes that may together or individually contribute to the occurrence of periorbital dark circles.

  • First and foremost reason may be the genetic contribution. These genes may contribute in two ways; first, they might give facial bone structure in such a way that eyes look deep set on the face and their shadowy appearance might look like dark circles.
  • The second way is by having genetically dark circles prone skin which may give rise to this condition in spite of all your efforts to avoid it. Also, these veins around the eye may get even more prominent in people with paler skin.
  • The third reason of these undereye circles may be various medical conditions, one of which is periorbital hyperpigmentation. In this condition, the skin might end up producing more melanin under your eye, thus giving it a darker tone.
  • Other medical condition like kidney and liver malfunction, asthma and allergies, dehydration or lack of Vitamin K may also result in the occurrence of dark circles.
  • The fifth and more prevailing reason of dark circles is too much exposure to the sun, as the sun affects the thinner area of the eye the first.

Apart from these, lack of enough sleep, stress, and fatigue are other major causes of dark circles. In aging people, these become even worse as their skin lose elasticity and ability to regenerate; as a result, it becomes thinner and more prone to these dark circles.

Prevention of Dark Circles

The easiest and most viable way of getting rid of these undereye circles are by getting enough sleep; drink plenty of water and no forgetting to apply moisturizer and sunscreen each time you step outside your house. Maintaining a fine diet with a lot of intake of Vitamin K may also save you from this skin monster.

Apart from these, one may always find comfort with natural remedies and homemade masks. These involve applying natural and harmless naturally available ingredients to your affected area to get rid of these. This way is best for those whose skin does not compliment cosmetics and allopathic ingredients.

These are the ways that younger ones may employ but for those who have aged with time and their skin has lost the ability to rejuvenate, visiting the dermatologist of external treatment remains the only rescue.

When these feasible healthcare ways do not work than these cosmetic dermatologists suggest getting a Laser Treatment. During a Laser Treatment, heat energy is delivered to the damaged cells, causing them to vaporize. Laser treatment is most opted for, as they are the most précised and harmless treatment of all others. They only target the affected cell and harmlessly leave the proper one. The entire course of laser treatment gets done in around 2 weeks after which the person may resume wearing contact lens and get back to normal living.

One last thing to remember is, your eyes are the gateway to your soul and keeping them healthy and fit is your prior responsibility. So, eat well, drink well and be away from all such ailments. Realizing the persistence of problem on the right time and finding ways to cure it is the correct approach to any ailment and the best way to have a healthy skin.

Treatment for Dark Undereye Circles

In today’s stressed out lives where people barely get 4 to 5 hours undisturbed sleep a common problem seen among people are dark circles. They can make the appearance of a person quite bad and can also lead to other problems. But there is nothing to worry as most of the times dark circles tend to go away naturally after having a few nights of good sleep.

But if they don’t then we have to use alternative treatments to get rid of them for good. There are many treatments available for dark circles.

There are many topical creams available, which have vitamin E and chamomile. These creams can be used to drastically reduce and remove undereye circles. Some people have more severe conditions where they have veins and capillaries appearing under their eyes. For them a very good option can be treatments using Intense Pulsed Lights (IPL) which can help to reduce or remove completely such conditions.

Another option can be to exfoliate the skin around dark circles by using commercially available chemical peels. These help to remove the damaged upper layers of the skin and expose the healthier lower layers. Another option available is using injectable dermal fillers such as fat transfers and collagen injections.

When to seek Treatment for Dark Circles?

When you have dark circles don’t just jump to the conclusion that only a big medical procedure involving expensive laser treatments and aesthetic surgeries are necessary to solve your problem.

The first thing you should do is to sit back and think how many hours of sleep did you have last night, then think about the previous night and the night before.

These sleepless nights are having a toll on you and the area around your eyes is very delicate and is showing you the results of sleep deprivations. All you need is a good night’s rest.

Continue the early to bed practice for a couple of nights and top it up with a few homemade remedies we all know such as putting cucumber slices over your eyes, using good quality moisturizing creams around your eyes each night before going to bed, reducing direct sun exposures and using sunscreen lotions. Try these out for a couple of weeks. If all fails, visit a good skin clinic and get a laser treatment done with the right guidance.

Laser Treatment for Dark Circles

Laser treatment is one of the ways of getting rid of dark circles when they don’t go away naturally or homemade remedies fail to get rid of them. Here, medical procedures have to be performed on them to get rid of them. These treatments are performed by well-trained cosmetic surgeons in special skin and wellness clinics. These procedures are performed by people when they find that they are unable to bear to carry out their daily lives normally with dark patches around their eyes and all their efforts to remove them have all been in vain.

On the day of the treatment, the patient should keep his/her skin clean. He/she should consume light meals and should avoid oily foods.

They should reach the clinic at the right time and be ready for the treatment. The first thing which doctors will do is clean the skin thoroughly.

Some special creams will be applied. Then the procedure to start the application of lasers begins. These lasers have very low strength and are not capable of causing severe damages to the skin. The lasers are then applied to the skin such that the lasers target only those areas which have dark circles and leave the healthier areas. The lasers target the sources of the dark circles on the skin by sending a burst of light into the skin under the eyes.

The laser light is absorbed by the blood vessels and the pigmented and patched portion around the affected areas in the skin. Lasers deliver heat energy to the damaged cells which get vaporized. Thus, lasers help to reduce or remove wrinkles and make the skin beautiful and also expose healthy cells thereby removing dark circles.

Recovery from laser treatment for Dark Circles

Laser treatment doesn’t require a patient to be admitted to a hospital and is mainly performed at clinics. Although the entire process is quite safe and recovery time is pretty short. One should still follow some safety measures just so that no after treatment complication arises.

If you are planning on getting the treatment done alone and return home driving yourself or getting a mobile cab, think again. Get someone to accompany you to and from the clinic. If you have a car, get them to drive you home.

Although you can resume your normal activities in a couple of days a good advice would be to keep your eyes covered in public for one or two weeks.

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