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Arm Lift Surgery in Vadodara

Arm Lift Surgery in Vadodara

The arm lift surgery also popularly known as Brachioplasty surgery, is a surgical procedure performed to shape the upper arms by tightening and smoothing the supporting tissues around with the help of removal of excess sagging skin which will be drooping. The other advantage of this surgery is the removal of the excess fat which is stored locally in the upper arm regions. The reshaping of the under portions of the upper arm from the area near armpit to elbow is achieved with the help of Brachioplasty. The reasons for performing this surgery are the hereditary problems of sagging arms, problems with old age, frequent weight fluctuations, etc.

This kind of surgery is normally performed by plastic surgeons in various hospitals, Krisha Hospital is one of them.

Why we need Arm Lift Surgery?

People normally prefer to undergo the arm lift surgical procedures because of the upper arms that are sagging and they tend to appear loose due to the excess amount of skin present around the arms. Obese patients prefer this surgery to reduce their weight to avoid the complications that may occur in the future. The excessive skin present around the upper arms confines the free movement of the hands and it inhibits the natural behavior of the people and hence the people consider this surgery to remove the skin. The regular exercising will reduce and tone the fat of muscles but not the skin and this is the main reason people prefer Brachioplasty for the removal of the fat which is not required.

Who can opt for Arm Lift Surgery

Not all the people who are suffering from the excess fat near the upper arms are eligible for this surgery. The candidates suitable for the arm lift surgery are the people with the below-mentioned reasons and qualifications.

  • The adult people who are suffering from the looseness of the skin present around the upper arms.

  • The patients undergoing this surgery should be of the proper weight and they should not be overweight or obese.

  • The individuals who are healthy with no existing medical conditions which mean they should not impair the healing and increase the risks of the surgery.

  • The smokers are not eligible for this surgery as it leads to many complications after the surgery is performed.

  • The individuals considering this surgery as the option should have realistic expectations and a positive look.

Preparation To Opt For Arm Lift Surgery

The patient needs to be well prepared for arm lift surgery to avoid the complications that occur with the surgery. The pre-medical examination needs to be performed for evaluation and later the prescribed medications need to be regularly taken before the surgery. The habits like smoking, taking tablets like aspirin, herbal supplements, and other drugs need to be immediately stopped as they affect the surgery in a various number of ways like increased bleeding, etc. These pre-surgical procedures need to be carefully performed as suggested by the doctors to avoid any complications or risks associated with the surgery.

Arm Lift Surgery Procedure at Krisha Hospital

The arm lift procedure is performed with the help of a wide variety of patterns and techniques related to the incision. The technique that suits a patient is determined by various factors like the degree of sagging, the amount of extra skin and its quality, etc. The sequence of the steps followed in the surgery are mentioned below.

  • The first step for the patients undergoing this arm lift surgery is the administration of anesthesia which will be of two types Intravenous and Inhalational Anaesthesia. The cosmetic surgeries mostly are performed using the anesthesia named Sevoflurane or Desflurane due to its high wash in and wash out periods.

  • After the patient rests, the incisions are made inside or on the back of the arm, and it might extend from underarm to the elbow.

  • Immediately after the incisions are made, the supporting tissue is tightened and the internal structures are reshaped. The excess fat will be removed with the help of liposuction.

  • The incisions are closed after these procedures where the incision cuts are visible for a certain duration and they will fade away with the time. The patients should follow the advice of the doctors in the selection of the incisions. The results are visible immediately after the surgery is performed.

Arm Lift Risks and Safety Tips

There are many risks associated with arm lift surgery and these risks can bring undesirable results to the people undergoing this surgery. Infection is the most common risk which appears within a few weeks of surgery and the symptoms of this infection are swelling, pain, poor healing, and patients will be experiencing pain and numbness often. Another risk is with the bleeding and scars which might cause the pain and infection to the body.

The people allergic to the inhalational anesthesia used during the surgery can feel the problems of nausea, vomiting, headache, etc. Other types of risks are irritation, redness due to sutures, the death of tissues under the skin, etc. The people undergoing this surgery should be aware of these potential risks and they need to be ready to take the utmost care to prevent these risks with the help of the proper medications and procedures suggested by surgeons. The type of surgery and the procedure followed should be selected by the doctor for avoiding the risks.

Arm Lift Surgery Recovery Time

After the surgery is performed, the patient is discharged with dressing or bandages which are applied at the points where incisions are made and the arm might be wrapped with the help of compression garment or elastic bandage for controlling the swelling. The patients will be given some specific instructions to be followed for the operated areas near arms. The medications should be regularly applied or taken to heal the surgery faster and utmost care should be taken to avoid the stress on the surgical sites and drains where the bandages are applied.

The patients should clarify about the medications, surgery, and bandages so that there won’t be any complications in the future. The follow-up procedures and meetings with the doctors need to be scheduled accordingly so that the arms become normal at a faster pace.

Arm Lift Surgery Results

Immediately after the surgery is performed, the smoother and tighter counters near the arms could be seen following the surgical procedure. The scars will be visible initially and the results will not be clear due to the bruises and swelling in the area where the surgery is performed. The surgery cannot guarantee optimal results in some patients after the surgery is performed and they need to undergo one more surgery for achieving the desired results. This completely depends on the condition of the health of the patients and once the optimal results are obtained, they will be long-lasting and provide a stable weight. The firmness might be lost with the age but the improvement which is achieved with surgery remains permanently without any further issues.

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