Buttock Lift Surgery in Vadodara

Buttock Lift Surgery in Vadodara

What is Buttock Augmentation?

As the name suggests, Buttock Augmentation is restructuring your gluteal area, which includes your buttocks and the clefts of your hip, to make it shapelier by uplifting your natural fat tissue or by implants using surgery.

Men or Women usually do this due to three reasons.

  1. For physical balance when both buttocks are not of equal size.
  2. To have tighter buttocks when they sag or become flat due to old age or weight loss.
  3. For a better appearance.

Buttock Augmentation candidates

An extremely personal process, Buttock augmentation requires you to be able to handle the changes that come after the procedure. Hence it is best to consider a few things before you go into the process.

You are a viable candidate to undergo this process if you fulfill the following simple criteria.

  • You have a positive attitude and have realistic presuppositions.
  • You know about the process beforehand and are aware of the changes that you will incur after undergoing the procedure.
  • You feel your butt is not balanced or is asymmetrical and are dissatisfied with its appearance.

Buttock Augmentation Recovery and Results


Soon after the surgery, your surgeon will guide you to a recovery room to monitor your body. Though you will be sent home after a few hours it is important to remember and duly follow the instructions given by your plastic surgeon as the first few months after the procedure are very vital in achieving the desired results.

Usually, these consist of wearing a support garment given, which you must wear for the first three months, sleeping on your sides, avoiding undue pressure on your buttocks and exercising regularly.


Unlike other procedures, your results are visible almost immediately after the surgery and last for a long time. You may incur a few complications, but they are rare. In most cases, the durability of your results depends on how well you maintain your body by physical exercise and proper diet as fat is fat, and it will grow depending on what you eat and how you maintain your body.

Buttock Augmentation procedure steps

Procedure for Fat transfer:

  • Fat is removed from your body using liposuction and prepared for reinjection using syringes.
  • Three incisions are made and then fat is deposited back to make your buttocks look shapelier.

Procedure for Implants:

  • After consulting with you, the surgeon makes an incision site through which a silicon implant in inserted between the gluteal muscle and your pelvic bone.
  • After the incision is closed, drains are inserted and a supportive clothing is worn for a few months’ post-surgery.

Buttock Augmentation Risks and Safety

The most probably risks involve allergic reactions, scarring, hematoma or seroma, infection, bleeding and nerve damage. In the case of fat transfer, the main issue may be fat absorption and in the case of implants, it is slippage. Both of these cause asymmetries which may lead to additional procedures.

Preparing for Buttock Augmentation surgery

Like every other procedure, make sure you prepare yourself for the surgery by following these basic pre-surgery preparations.

  • Prepare yourself by taking the essential tests such as physical fitness and blood tests.
  • Avoid smoking or taking anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin at least six weeks before the procedure.
  • Make sure you are properly hydrated before the procedure.

Apart from these, make sure you ask somebody to pick you up after the procedure and help take care of yourself for the next week or so. Make sure you keep in touch with your surgeon and don’t shy away from asking the necessary questions to avoid further complications in the future.