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Lip Augmentation Surgery in Vadodara

What is Lip Augmentation Surgery?

Lip Augmentation is a cosmetic surgery, which aims at enhancing your lips by making it more plump and attractive. This non-surgical procedure is also known as Lip injection, which helps to give you a fuller lip thus making your pout look cuter than before in the pictures.

Who Can Opt For Lip Augmentation Surgery

Generally, women are the most lip augmentation candidates. As women get aged, it causes their lips to lose definition thus making it thinner around the V-shaped area of their upper lip. Women with naturally thin lips may also qualify to undergo lip enhancement procedures. If you are one of them and if you are self-conscious about how your lips look and then make sure you have better health to undergo the surgery as cosmetic surgery results and benefits can vary and are not the same for everyone.

Considerations for Lip Augmentation Surgery

Before committing to cosmetic surgery, you should consult with a skilled cosmetic surgeon to choose the apt cosmetic procedure to create the perfect pout. The lip augmentation is carried out either by injectable or with the help of other implantable materials as lip enhancement using injections is not permanent it may need to be repeated to maintain the fuller, plumper lips you desire. During your consultation with your doctor, you should go over these considerations to ensure the right procedure for you based on your needs. Undergoing cosmetic procedure is not advisable for those with heart issues, diabetes, or respiratory problems as it can lead to other complexities.

Pre-Operative Instructions for Lip Augmentation

It is essential to follow the pre-operative measures to achieve the look you desire. The pre-operative instructions include,

  • Consuming aspirin or related products should be avoided one week before your surgery.

  • Avoid consuming alcohol and refrain from tobacco one week before your surgery as it may result in other complications after the surgery.

  • Practice taking vitamin C to facilitate which helps facilitate healing, before and after surgery.

  • It is recommended that you should not eat or drink after midnight the evening before the surgery.

  • Remove all makeup and other cosmetic items before arriving for your lip enhancement procedure.

Lip Implement

Lip implants can offer a more permanent and reversible solution to give you a defined youthful smile, unlike dermal fillers. The types include GORE-TEX, SoftForm, and AlloDerm. It is important to consult with your surgeon to find out the right type of lip implant for you.

Lip Implant Procedure

After choosing the right surgeon and following all the pre-operative measures, the next step is the surgery where the implantable material is fixed inside the lip.

  • Step 1: Once you are inside the operation room, you are given a local anesthesia as the lips are sensitive. The anesthesia will act as pain relief during the surgery.

  • Step 2: Then small incisions are made in the lips usually around the V-shaped area of the upper lip with a sharp tool and a small, lean tunnel is created to hold the implant.

  • Step 3: Once the incisions and tunnel are made, the implantable material is placed in the cut portion to make the lips look plumper and stitches are made with a thread by the surgeon.

  • Step 4: Based on your needs, the implant is properly adjusted and the desired lip structure is thus achieved in an hour.

GORE-TEX Lip Implants Surgery

Gore-Tex synthetic implant is the most versatile material that is used in cosmetic surgery. Gore-Tex is ‘expanded polytetrafluoroethylene’ (e-PTFE for short) given by its generic name, which is Teflon. As it is expanded, it has little tiny pores throughout the material that provides ways for tissue ingrowth without causing any scar tissues and the implant material is accommodated in a much more natural way. Gore-Tex lip implant will never shrink and can also be removed in case of any infections in the future.

SOFT FORM Lip Implants Surgery

SoftForm lip implants have become outdated due to the arrival of Ultra soft lip implants which provides better softness comparatively. Just like Gore-Tex Implants, SoftForm lip implants are also made from the same material (i.e.) e-PTFE. The Teflon material is tubular and it prevents the implant from changing its position and provides smooth, and youthful-looking lips.

ALLODERM Lip Implants Surgery

AlloDerm is a freeze-dried collagen that is drawn in the form of a sheet. This lip implant is taken from a human donor. Though AlloDerm lip implant results in natural, much softer, and pliable lips, after some time this type of lip implant will shrink and give you the look like the same you did before your lip augmentation.

Risk And Benefits Of Permanent Lip Implants

Though there are certain risks involved with lip implants, it can always be treated. The common risks include infection, implant material migration, hardness on the lips, and loss of mobility of the lips. However, these risks can be prevented if you follow the pre-operative instructions and post-surgery measures correctly.

Lip Augmentation Surgery With Fillers

The lip filler helps in restoring the natural fullness of the lips and create beautifully shaped lips as well. The most often used lip filler is the dermal filler. The dermal filler is an injectable filler that can be used to make your lips look plumper and add beauty to your lips. Hyaluronic acid is a type of dermal filler that is injected in your lips and around your mouth to restore its shape. Since it is a natural substance present in the body, it is no harm. The hyaluronic acid helps in increasing the volume in your lips thereby improving its shape and structure. Collagen is another type of dermal filler that is outdated nowadays and is not safer and the effects last lesser. However, lip fillers are not a permanent cure like lip implants.

Injection Techniques For Lip Augmentation

Full lips have been a sign of anesthetic and a sensual appeal. Women have been using this technique to make the lips look fuller that enhances the look of the face and the beauty of a being. Lip augmentation techniques have been practiced by women in film industries, corporates at a high post and other women who wish to have an elegant face. There are various techniques used for lip augmentation. These generally include using fillers made from different substances based on the duration you want your lips to look full. If you wish for a short period there is one technique and for a permanent basis, there is another.

You do not need any kind of anesthesia when undergoing the surgery because the fillers that are used, contain lidocaine and another type of anesthesia. When the lips are injected with this kind of filler, the results start to show in just 30 minutes. This injection can make your lips look full for a period of four to six months or even eight to ten months depending on the capacity of the body to break down and absorb the fillers.

Before going for lip augmentation, it is important to research and talk to the surgeon about the surgery and its effectiveness on your body.

COLLAGEN Based Lip Fillers

Collagen, as we can understand, is a tissue that is found in living beings. Collagen-based lip fillers mean that the fillers are made from the tissues of living beings. They are two types:

  • Bovine-Derived Collagen Fillers

  • Human-Derived Collagen Fillers

Bovine - Derived Collagen Fillers

Bovine-derived collagen fillers are made from the collagen tissue extracted from the cows. The cows are monitored for keeping them disease-free and are provided all the medical care necessary. Bovine-derived collagen fillers have a 3 percent tendency to give allergy to an implant. So, the surgeons always perform an allergy test before injecting the filler. As we talked earlier the filling is either temporary or permanent. For temporary filling, Zyplast and Zyderm fillers are used that are bovine-derived. They are used by almost all the patients opting for augmentation. Another company produces bovine-derived fillers named Artecoll which contains polymethylmethacrylate microspheres that remain in the lips even when the collagen is absorbed. This is used as a filler for permanent lip augmentation.

Human - Derived Collagen Fillers

While making the fillers derived from human tissues, the tissues are extracted from cadavers or from the skin that is removed during the surgeries. The fillers used in the injections are Symetra, Cosmoderm, Cosmoplast, etc. the fillers that are derived from human tissues, can sometimes be allergic to human anatomy. Therefore, the surgeon must do an allergy test before implantation.

HYALURONIC ACID- Based Lip Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is found in the human body. It is present in joints and skin. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are known to give full and plump lips for a longer time than the collagen fillers. This is because they bind with the water molecules when augmented in the lips. They also help in keeping the lips moisturized. The fillers that are hyaluronic acid-based are Restylane, Perlane, and Radiesse. Again, before using these fillers for augmentation, an allergy test is necessary to be performed.

Risks And Benefits Of Injectable Lip Fillers Surgery

There are only a few risks that are associated with injectable lips fillers. They are mainly the side effects caused for a certain duration after the augmentation. Certain times, there is an allergy that is caused by not performing tests before injecting. Side effects include reddening of lips, tenderness, infection, bruising, swelling, etc. These effects can be minimized with medications and care. Risks associated with fillers that are animal-derived is very rare. It may include infection or allergy that can be treated by medicines.

Benefits of lip augmentation and injectable lip fillers include balanced facial features and restoration of plumpness and fullness that might have been lost as a part of aging. Full lips also tend to boost the confidence of women and some believe that they have been presenting themselves better after the treatment. Injectable lip fillers tend to improve the overall appearance of the face.

Lip Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is the optimum solution for the people who want a lip transfer but are allergic to foreign substances being injected into the body. This technique of lip augmentation uses your body fat instead of collagens that are derived from animals or humans. Lip augmentation using this technique gives natural looks as well as softer lips.

Lip Augmentation done with this technique involves taking fat from one part of the body to the lips. There are rarely any abnormalities observed after the surgery because the material injected is not foreign and will be accepted by the body. After the transfer is done perfectly, the patients get natural and softer plump lips. The effect can last from six months to a year or more than that.

Fat Transfer Lip Augmentation Procedure

As we saw earlier, fat from one part of the body is used to get plump lips by injecting them with the taken fat. If a person wants to reduce fat from some part of the body and also want plump lips, this is an ideal procedure for them. The fat is injected using a syringe and a blunt needle. As the fat does not have anesthetic properties, surgeons use local or general anesthesia. The prick marks are barely 0.2 centimeters in diameter and do not cause much difference.

Risk And Benefits Of Lip Augmentation With Fat Transfer

  • Lip augmentation procedure with fat transfer is associated with very low risk. This is because it uses the body fat itself and no foreign materials are injected.

  • One of the risks includes swelling, red marks caused due to pricking, infection or some discomfort.

  • The benefits of fat transfer are that there is not an injection of foreign substances. This prevents side effects caused after the procedure.

  • Lip augmentation with fat transfer gives more natural and softer looking lips.

Recovery Time Of Lip Augmentation Surgery

Recovering after the procedure does not take much time. After the procedure, you just have to take care of a few things and the patient can recover with a period of 24 hours. Many patients take up to two weeks for recovery before they can go on with their routine. Sutures are placed inside the mouth that dissolve within the mouth itself. Sutures that are placed outside, are removed after 10 days. The implantation can feel stiff for a couple of days too.

What To Expect After A Lip Augmentation Procedure?

The procedure can be completed with a time of 30 minutes to one hour. After the augmentation, the length of the lip depends on the procedure of how it is performed. Thus, it depends on the surgeon’s precision. After the procedure, one may face bruising and swelling. This is normal and can be prevented by using sedatives at the end of the procedure. These effects can be seen for a week or so. Discomfort caused after the procedure is minimal and infections are very rare.

Benefits of Lip Augmentation Surgery

  • Lip augmentation boosts self-confidence and overall facial features.

  • Lip augmentation can be used by the women whose lips have lost luster and plump due to aging.

  • Lip augmentation gives women young-looking and volumetric lips.

  • It can be used to restore the youth in you without using any unnatural means.

Possible Complications of Lip Augmentation Surgery

Oozing can be one problem that many patients face. It is not harmful and can be treated with sedatives. There can be a problem with the alignment of lip implants. One might need to visit the surgeon again to adjust the implant. Furthermore, there can be a possibility of your body rejecting the implant. In this case, you might have to remove the implant permanently.

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