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What was once considered as a breakthrough in the medical world has now become a fashion statement in today’s world. Implants, face surgeries were first invented to treat people affected by accidents or diseases, but today most of the people who undergo such surgeries belong to the upper fragment of the society, who are not satisfied with their looks and desire a little bit extra on their face to make it look more presentable and pretty. It leads to balancing the overall aspects of an individual’s personality by keeping everything in the right proportion. One of these many surgeries is the Chin and cheek augmentation.


Chin augmentation involves working upon the basic design of a person’s face. It incorporated adding or removing adequate materials to patients chin to give it a better and balanced look. In the medical domain, the terms mentoplasty and genioplasty are used for chin augmentation.

Cheek augmentation, on the other hand, is about placing a solid implant over a person’s cheekbone. This cosmetic surgery is usually combined with other surgical procedures like chin augmentation and facelift.


Suitable candidates for chin augmentation are the people who have a weak or recessed chin but a prominent nose and a fleshy neck. This surgery helps to balance all the prominent features of a person’s face and give them a positive outlook. People with squared or pointed chin are also reported to have undergone chin augmentation surgeries to obtain a defined chin and neckline.

Similar to chin augmentation, cheek augmentation also involves emphasizing the cheek to get a better balance on the face. People who are healthy but have weak or recessed cheeks are the one’s who undergo this medical operation.


There are a few preliminary stages before the surgery is actually performed, these are:


Preparation for the surgery involves checking of previous medical conditions, the medicines taken by the patient and making a note of allergic substances. It is during this phase that the surgeon has ‘talks’ with his patients, informs them everything they need to know about it and gauges their expectations from the surgery. It is after all this that a detailed plan is formed on how to go about the surgery.

It also requires the patients to obtain a clearance certificate from their dentists saying their gums are fit and strong to undergo the stresses that occur during the surgery. Moreover, the doctor also strictly prohibits the usage of blood thinning medications, all aspirin, aspirin-containing products, anti-inflammatory products (Advil® or ibuprofen, and Aleve®) and smoking at least ten days before surgery.


Usage of anesthesia varies from surgeon to surgeon and hospital to hospital. However, the usage of general anesthesia is recommended. Using local anesthesia and sedation medicines are also equally feasible.


Depending upon the nature of products used to manufacture the implant, its look varies. Pre-formed chin implants occupy a shape like that of a narrow chin guard of a sports helmet are made up of materials like GORE-TEX® or silicone. However depending upon the patient, the surgeon may custom fit it to give a better outlook. Latest technology like computer imaging allows the doctors to show their patients on how they will look after the implants.


Once all the formalities like preparation for the operation, detailed surgery plan and the anesthesia procedures have been discussed, the operation stage is set up. The chin enlargement operation involves making an incision either inside the mouth between the gums and the lower lip or a more hidden one in the skin under the chin. The chin implants are carefully monitored and placed into this incision and positioned in front of the jawbone. It is then sealed and sutured into place after the surgeon makes sure about all the facial features and after making corresponding modifications. On an average 45 to 1 hour is the time taken for completion of the surgery and the sutures are removed after a period of 10 days.

One important thing to note about this surgery is that it does not reveal any signs that you have undergone any such surgery and no visible scars exist. However, there are chances of contamination of these incisions due to bacterial infections.


While the side effects occur rarely, there are a few complications that might arise after the surgery. These are mainly bruising, swelling of gums and chin. Bacterial insertion into the incisions leads to infection. Another complication could be that related to anesthesia which could lead to respiratory issues.


Risks associated with cheek implants could lead to infections, numbness, seroma formation and migration. While seroma formation occurs later in life after the implants and this fluid need to be removed using a needle-type device used by the surgeons. The main cause of numbness is the faulty placement of the implants over the maxillary nerve. To avoid the growth of infection, patients are given antibiotics before the start of surgical procedures.


Chin and cheek implant surgery does not take like forever. Usually, patients return to their normal and carefree attitude in a matter of few hours after the surgery. The postoperative period could be tricky as initially after the operation a feeling of stiffness could persist for a few weeks but everything turns to normal within a week’s time. Some other things to be taken care of is that patients must intake liquid diet until the incision region dries, no strenuous activities are allowed for 2-3 weeks.


The final result of chin augmentation is an overall balanced face with all the features giving a positive outlook to your face. Even though this surgery might have a few rare complications but it is totally worth all the pain and attention after effects of a chin and cheek implant are a well defined and solid chin and neck are. Cheeks also appear prominent and cover up for a dominant nose and healthy face.

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