Severe Gynecomastia

Severe gynecomastia is a condition that may occur at any age. In severe cases, male breasts can be as large as a C or D cup when compared to women. Often men with such large breasts are embarrassed, depressed and may be living with limited social exposure. Men with extremely large breasts tend to avoid places and situations where they have to expose their chest, including intimacy with a partner. Additionally, men in this condition may resort to such drastic measures as binding their chests or even wearing a bra. Large male breasts are perceived by some as an indication of a lack of masculinity.

Especially in cases of obesity, this kind of severe gynecomastia may manifest with excess skin that requires the need for skin excisions that will leave scars after the male breast reduction procedure is performed.

Many men with severe gynecomastia have Male Breast Ptosis (also known as drooping breasts) where the areola lies below the lower edge of the pectoral chest muscles. This loose skin and lax tissues are results from aging, loss of muscle mass, and weight loss. When there is excess skin, breast liposuction combined with excision of the gland may not be sufficient. Breast skin excision may be necessary, a procedure called “Mastopexy.”

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