Nose Surgery in Vadodara

Nose Surgery in Vadodara


Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty is normally done to maintain the facial harmony and to keep the nose in proportion. The imperfections of the nose are corrected to ensure proper breathing and also correct the structural defects. The changes that nose surgery brings into our nose are very interesting. They include the following,

  • The nose size is maintained by keeping it in proportion with the face.
  • The position of the nostrils along with the size and bridge width can be maintained.
  • The visible bumps and depressions on the nose bridge can be removed.
  • The drooping, enlarged, hooked nose structures can be reshaped effectively.
  • Maintain a facial symmetry.


The nose surgery is done to reshape the nose. It can do the following tasks,

  • Can make the nose larger or smaller
  • Change angle of nose proportional to upper lip
  • Alter tip of nose
  • Correction of bumps
  • Indentations

During surgery, doctors make incisions to access the bones and cartilages. The incision is made inside the nose so that it is not visible. The surgery may involve removal cartilage or bone and addition of some tissues. After the removal, the skin and tissue are reshaped along with the structure of the nose. A splint is placed outside to support the new shape of the nose.


  1. Anesthesia is given to the person before performing the procedure.
  2. The incisions are made inside the nose as a part of open or closed procedure across the columella.
  3. A portion of bone or cartilage is removed from the large nose or may add cartilage grafts for the smaller nose.
  4. In the case of deviations, the septum is corrected by straightening the projections inside the nose.
  5. After the nose is shaped to original, the incisions are closed.


Many individuals involved in nose reshaping techniques are not satisfied with their nose appearance and they want to balance with their facial proportions. Of the total patients, only a few people are in real need for rhinoplasty because of difficulty in breathing or with tampered nose caused because of injuries or with abnormalities. The candidates must understand the risks involved with the surgery and have experience regarding the surgical procedure.

A good candidate in need of rhinoplasty may have the following reasons,

  • A person with too small or large nose in contrast with their facial features.
  • May have a bump on the bridge of the nose.
  • A wider nose
  • Protruding nose or a nose with the bulbous tip.
  • Excessively flared or pinched nostrils.
  • Crooked or off-center nose.
  • Asymmetrical nose.
  • Irregularities with internal nose structure.


The people planning to undergo Rhinoplasty should stop taking the products like Aspirin, etc. they need to start taking vitamins two weeks before the surgery because they help in their healing. The required products like ice cold compresses, light foods, etc. need to be arranged before two days of surgery that helps in the smooth process. The face should be cleaned and it should not be affected by any chemicals just before the surgery. People must follow proper diet and medications, quit smoking and stay prepared for the surgery.


Here is the procedure of Nose Surgery:

  • The first step for the patients undergoing this nose surgery is the administration of anesthesia which will be of two types Intravenous and Inhalational anesthesia. The cosmetic surgeries mostly are performed using the anesthesia named Sevoflurane or Desflurane due to its high wash in and wash out periods.
  • The small incisions are made to the nose in the surgical process and perform the required graft removals accordingly. Later, the incisions are closed without affecting the surroundings of the nose.
  • After the surgical process, the surgeon will place a splint on the nose in nose packing stage which is used to retain the new shape of the nose and help in reducing bleeding.


The patient can recover from the surgery within few weeks by taking the proper care like the proper positioning of the nose in daily activities, avoid any pressures on the nose, etc. The nose should be protected in the recovery phase with the usage of sunscreen lotion, not using sunglasses, etc.


The patient can recover from the surgery within few weeks by taking the proper care like the proper positioning of the nose in daily activities, avoid any pressures on the nose, etc. The nose should be protected in the recovery phase with the usage of sunscreen lotion, not using sunglasses, etc.


The expectations of the patients should be set accordingly with the prior consultation with the doctors. In most of the cases, this cosmetic surgery helps to remove the minor deformations and increase the beauty of the nose.


There might be few risks and complications in the long run and they can be avoided with the proper care taking before and after surgery. The various complications that could be seen are asymmetry, hematoma, nose bleeds, infection, etc.


The risks and side effects can be minimized to the lowest extent with the help of the best surgeon available and the qualified procedures used by him. The patient should clearly follow the instructions before and after the surgery and also be honest about his health condition to the surgeons.


Rhinoplasty can have many types depending on the patient’s goals for the treatment.


The procedure is done to give the proportionate nose with other facial features. The bumps on the bridge of the nose, flared nostrils, nasal tip may be elongated and can be addressed in particular. During surgery, the doctor may remove the small part of bones or cartilages as part of treatment. The size of nostrils is managed by the technique named Alar Base Reduction. The doctor removes small tissues between the cheeks and the region from the nostrils meet. The simulation is done using computer programs.


Another popular technique associated with rhinoplasty is Augmentation Rhinoplasty. Here the surgeon will graft the bone or tissue to build the nasal tip. In many cases, the cartilage is taken out from the septum of nasal. If the patient lacks enough tissue, the doctor may use tissue from the rib bone, cartilages from other areas, a type of synthetic material, or biological tissue from another part of the body to perform the task. The doctor plans out for the treatment using computer programs to create a 2D or 3D model.


Patients suffering from injured nose always opt for post-traumatic rhinoplasty. The procedure is done to address both functionality and appearance. The patients may also suffer from nose breakage. During such cases, the doctors re-fracture and reset the nose to achieve desired results. The procedure is done to straighten and to correct the nasal septum. Within ten days, the doctor can set a broken nose. If the patient suffers from the serious injury he/she may have to wait for many months before they undergo the surgery.


The reconstructive rhinoplasty is done for those who have lost their nose at the time of accidents, a condition of skin cancer, or other serious illness. The surgeon structures the nose at the time of surgery using grafting technique, flapping technique, or other methods. Because of its complex nature, the patient has to undergo multiple surgeries within a span of few months. The procedure is quite complex hence patients must consult with a qualified surgeon having immense experience in the area of this type of surgery.


As with other techniques, the ethnic rhinoplasty also uses same methods. The procedure is mainly undergone by people from Africa, America, Afro-Carribean, Asian, Hispanic, Middle-East. Such patients have normally softer contours and doctor must take special care to preserve the uniqueness of the face.


Doctors advise the teenagers to wait for their nose to stop the nasal growth before they decide for a surgery. But still, there are other patients who have breathing problems or trauma. Doctors must ensure not to disturb the soft nasal features before the surgery. And the patient must be prepared both mentally and emotionally before the procedure.


When the nose stops its growth, the shape may also change considerably. The nasal tip may start drooping and nasal passages narrows causing breath difficulties. Doctors can take care of these imperfections and give the patient a young looking and pleasant appearance.