Beard Hair Transplant in Vadodara

Beard Hair Transplant in Vadodara

Why Beard Hair Transplant?

Beard has been popular for the last few years in India and other international countries, it can change your entire look and personality. Nowadays In 2019, guys will be wearing their facial hair with pride and it helps him to look more attractive and mature. Beard hair transplant is a procedure generally done on the men who suffer from spotty or patchy loss of hair from goatee, other parts of the beard, sideburns or mustache.

The absence of hair could be hereditary or due to surgical scars, burns or other types of accidents. For some males, keeping a thick beard or mustache is a symbol of manhood and strength, while for others it is a mandatory requirement in their religion. Moreover, it is also a fashion statement among many young men.

Beard Treatment Procedure / How To Start Growing Beard

We use the same FUE technique that we use in hair transplantation over the scalp. The grafts are extracted from the donor site – back of the scalp.

After this, these extracted grafts are transplanted on the patchy bald portions of the beard or mustache. Due to the abundant amount of hair from the donor site, almost all the patches can be covered and treated in a single sitting. So, beard or mustache transplantation usually gives very satisfying results. The transplanted hair grow naturally like other facial hair and can be trimmed or shaved.

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