Anti Ageing, Wrinkle Treatment

Anti Ageing, Wrinkle Treatment in Vadodara


Wrinkles are one of those natural occurrences that are unavoidable. Everyone reaches that age when wrinkles take the front seat. The causes may be loads and their early development can be restricted through various ways. So, let’s take a deeper look at its development and understand various facets of wrinkles.


Wrinkle, they are like a fold or a crease that appear on the skin. They may occur either due to the aging process or an excessive loss of body mass. These age wrinkles may appear due to habitual facial expressions, dehydration or excessive sun exposure. Another personal habit which may enhance formation of wrinkles is smoking.


Facial wrinkles are a kind of fibrosis of the skin which may appear when the skin loses its elasticity either due to aging or environmental or habitual factors. When your skin is exposed to the sun for a long time, harmful UV rays may penetrate through the skin and destroy collagen, which may lead to even premature wrinkles.


The most important action which may delay the occurrence of wrinkles is following a healthy diet, by including a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily intake. A good consumption of water may help the skin in retaining its elasticity. Apart from these keep the skin away from harming agents like sun and smoking and make sure that it’s always hydrated and well moisturized.

Apart from those mentioned, hygiene also plays a very important role in preventing wrinkles. Make sure that you never leave your skin dirty, as it aggravates rashes and itching. Also, an excessive use of cosmetics may also damage your skin, try and use non-toxic sunscreen and moisturizer for the better health of your skin.

Several habits like smoking and unhygienic lifestyle may aggravate the skin wrinkles. Smoking leads to restricted blood flow in the body, thus hampering enough supply of oxygen to the skin, thus causing it to have premature wrinkles. Pollution and industrial emissions mixed with air may also cause accumulation of dirt in skin pores thus leading o infection and acne. To avoid all the above-mentioned factors, appropriate clothing and avoidance of unnecessary sun exposure may fetch your skin far way long.


Wrinkles are undeniable and relatively permanent. But several personal habits and timely suggestion from an experienced dermatologist may save you from its appearance and may help you maintain that youthful appearance of the skin.


By using advanced cosmetic dermatology, one may successfully hide the flaws of the skin like acne, blemishes, and wrinkles. On may opt to get even those skin deformities operated which may not be harmful but ruins the aesthetic appearance of the skin. During cosmetic dermatology, one may go under chemical peel, laser resurfacing or photofacial as the way of improving appearance.

In all these methods used under cosmetic dermatology, the damaged layer of skin id removed and the deeper, healthier layers of skin are exposed. Where chemical peel uses the chemical to burn upper layer, IPL photofacial and laser resurfacing use immense light to break down this damaged upper skin and enhance collagen in the skin.


Injectable wrinkle fillers can give you youthful and wrinkle free skin within 30 minutes for around 4 months to a year. They may also be used to enhance facial features and hide any asymmetry that may persist. Although not long lasting but very effective. Various types of injectables are Wrinkle Removal, HAF, collagen etc.


Unlike Injectables and fillers, facial plastic surgery is a much longer lasting treatment for wrinkles. This may include face lift, brow lift, and eye lift. This treatment involves tightening the skin and removing excess fat from the selected areas making, hence producing much tighter and firmer skin. This treatment is often coupled with cosmetic dermatology to exfoliate the skin before tightening it. People suffering from excessive wrinkles opt for neck lift to get perfect jaw and neckline.


These wrinkle treatments may give you youthful looking skin and take your skin back to its 20s. But one can’t deny the fact that however many promises these treatments make but at the end of the day, your skin is going under a surgery i.e. cutting, burning, peeling and everything else, that is cringing worthy. Some of these procedures are extremely painful and some may leave you looking swollen for days.

These treatments definitely provide good riddance from a lot of facial deformities, but everything comes with a price. The risks involved with them are thus discussed.

Dermal fillers, like collagen, are employed to hide deep folds caused by smile and laugh lines. They are also employed to give a fuller appearance to lips, cheeks and eye hollows. The problem with them lies that a lot of precision is required in administering these filler injections or adverse effects may follow. Apart from that, a lot of cases of allergies due to the hypersensitive skin have come forward.

Synthetic fillers, on the other hand, are much longer lasting but the risk with it is the formation of lumps under the skin which needs to be surgically treated. Apart from that, as the patient age, odd body structures may appear at the place where fillers are employed.

Muscle relaxers temporarily paralyze muscles when injected to prevent skin from wrinkling up. It only prevents wrinkling of expression lines on the forehead and does no good for sun damage and sagging skin. If not administered by professional and Wrinkle Removal material are not genuine may lead to severe damage. Or if administered too low, it may give a tired look on the eyebrow, which may last for several days.

Another treatment is a Liquid facelift, the major problem with it is that it is excessively costly and lasts for not more than one or two years.


Chemical peel, involves burning of the upper layer to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and scars. The acid that is been used may be mild or strong. These acids may cause burning sensation and redness of the face. The same redness may appear even in microdermabrasion, which is used to remove dead cells.


It produces more collagen by administering heat on the different layer of skin. Even though they are non-surgical, but still redness, scarring, and pigmentation of the skin are noticed side effect of laser treatment. Also, people with darker skin are advised against laser treatment.


IPL generally administers intense light energy on dermis and epidermis. The problem with this is the prolonged time that treatment takes for full recovery plus the visible redness, though hide-able with make-up.